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Our Office

Ever since Habit started out in 2003, we’ve been growing so quickly that we’re used to working in cozy spaces and offices commonly compared to shoeboxes. Ten years later, we discovered a former convent on Edmonton’s south side, originally built in 1964 for the St. Ursuline nuns. It needed a little TLC, but to us, the old girl looked like our new home.

The beautiful ’60s-style nunnery was located just minutes from the downtown core and Whyte Avenue. There was a backyard where we could work, have barbecues, play lawn games, and let our dogs run around. And the parking lot even had free spaces for clients. The building was constructed like a bunker, sturdy enough that we could park a tank on the roof, so we were able to gut the space completely and start over.


We turned the former chapel area into a meeting space with two boardrooms, and the nuns’ living area became our design and web studio. In the basement, we set up a relaxation space and cantina with double the room for lunchtime feasts and after-work beer o’clocks. We also upgraded the plumbing, lighting, and electrical work to modern specs and ran miles of cable through the ceilings for screaming-fast Internet.


Just like us, our new home isn’t finished. But we don’t expect it to be, because we’re big believers that some of the best projects are a work in progress. Our office will keep on growing and evolving as our business does, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

We can do great work for you.

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