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Dan Wilberg Videographer

Dan shoots footage, edits video, and develops motion graphics and animations. He loves storytelling, and video is an incredible dynamic medium for doing so. Putting all the pieces together to create something unique is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. Habit appeals to him because everyone has a diverse range of experience beyond just their job title, and it’s a fully cooperative experience that’s helped him grow personally and professionally.

Fun Facts

  • His proudest accomplishment was releasing an album in 2017. It was his first time recording his own music, and it was an incredible experience.
  • When he’s not working, he writes and plays music with a few bands, brews mead, reads a lot, and hikes, bikes, and skis in the mountains. Pizza and movies are very important as well.
  • As a kid, he was always very interested in ornithology and entomology. But these days, if he had to switch careers, he’d give the full-time musician path a shot.
  • He can read and write in Norse runes. He likes to fantasize about a few really cool situations where that skill might be useful, but none of them have happened yet.