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Grace Struth Writer

Grace has a professional writing degree and specializes in business writing, creative writing, and editing. She loves the challenge of finding exactly the right words to capture what a business is all about. Grace loves being at Habit because she gets to write awesome things, hang out with cool people, and work with interesting clients from all kinds of industries. She learns something new every day and there’s always a new challenge to tackle.

Fun Facts

  • If a movie was made about her life, she’d be played by Kat Dennings. They’re basically twins, according to the stranger who told her that at Costco once.
  • When she isn’t working, she’s reading (and writing) fantasy novels, doing DIY projects, and annoying everyone on Instagram with pictures of her son.
  • Her life mantra is, “Treat. Yo. Self.” Her friends hate this phrase because it makes them spend a lot more money on themselves than they otherwise might.