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Ivan Vrouwe Developer

Ivan joined the Habit team in 2018, bringing along a diploma in Digital Media and IT from NAIT and a passion for building websites for users’ unique needs. He specializes in web accessibility and inclusive design, which he applies when he’s building high-quality, accessible, interoperable websites. Ivan loves that his role enables him to do great work and keep exploring new ways to make websites work for everyone.

Fun Facts

  • He can transcribe speech sounds into IPA and even recite those transcriptions back, which is great for remembering people’s names.
  • If a genie granted him three wishes, Ivan would wish for more wishes, more wishes, and more wishes. It would be a Wild West–style standoff between a genie and a mortal.
  • Travelling abroad is the top item on his bucket list. There’s a whole list of continents he’s never been to and delicious food he’s never tried.