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Jake Belke Senior Designer

Jake is great at graphic design, branding, and digital illustration. He loves when all the behind-the-scenes work and decisions click together just right and create something that seems simple and effortless to the final user. Jake likes Habit’s team dynamic and the freedom to create and learn from everyone around him.

Fun Facts

  • His proudest accomplishment is his five straight fantasy basketball championships.
  • When he was a kid, he wanted to be an NBA general manager because he was realistic enough to know he wasn’t good enough to be a player. It turned out there are only 30 of those jobs in the world, so he’s glad he went a different route.
  • If he had a boat, he’d name it Peteboy to immortalize his cat Pete.
  • He can lick his elbow, wiggle his ears without touching them, and make a drip sound with his mouth by flicking his face.