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Mikaela Gordey-Parenteau Operations Director

Mikaela specializes in agile project management. She has a Project Management Leadership Certificate from NAIT, as well as Certified Scrum Master and Certified Product Owner status from the Scrum Alliance. She likes to make things more efficient and give people the tools they need to do their best. Mikaela was drawn to Habit by the nerdy people and the focus on maintaining a collaborative startup culture.

Fun Facts

  • When she isn’t working, she writes, does mixed media projects, practices yoga, and spends hours lying around watching Netflix.
  • Her life mantra changes constantly, but the one that keeps resonating is, “Keep moving forward.”
  • One of her favourite local restaurants is Express Asian Hotpot. She also loves Ampersand 27 and goes for Wednesday charcuterie night or Sunday brunch.