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Sarah Marsh Marketing Strategist

Sarah has a background in business marketing and design studies. Her analytical mind found its niche when she discovered marketing in the life sciences industry. There are endless complexities, regulations, biases, conflicting evidence, and misconceptions to sort through. Sarah loves that Habit has given her countless opportunities to grow her knowledge and responsibilities in a way she couldn’t anywhere else.

Fun Facts

  • Her favourite local restaurant is Black Pearl. She always tries something new, but it’s always seafood, and it’s always amazing.
  • Her proudest accomplishment is finally getting a Snapchat filter to work on her dog’s face.
  • When she isn’t working, she cooks lots because she has this thing where she needs to eat multiple times a day, and eating delicious things at home every day is quite nice. She also enjoys kickboxing and training her dog. (To be clear, the dog is not being trained in any form of martial arts.)
  • When she was a kid, she wanted to start a restaurant franchise called Patty Jack’s. (She figured half the battle to owning a restaurant was having a good name, so clearly she placed a lot of stock in branding even at a young age.) She even started out her education intending to become an entrepreneur. But by the end of her first year of college, she knew she wanted to be in the ad industry.