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Dominion Mortgage Team

Dominion Mortgage Team is a group of mortgage brokers who specialize in property purchases, renewals, refinancing, debt consolidation, and equity loans. They make the home-buying process simple and easy to understand, and they help both first-time and experienced buyers make the most of their homes.

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Find a way to generate new leads and gather clear information about their sources.

The Project

The team came to us with a problem: they had no way of tracking leads to their website, which meant no way of knowing where they should spend their online advertising dollars. Dominion wanted to track incoming traffic to its source, whether that was direct-to-site or coming from ads or search engines.


We set up a targeted, location-specific Google AdWords campaign to reach potential clients in their home cities. One of the main tenets of online advertising is "Be relevant to what's being searched"– you don't want to flood a reader with ads that have nothing to do with what they're searching for.

We used the towns' and cities' names in the campaign's ads and URLs. This made Dominion seem more accessible and familiar, and it showed potential clients that the team could work with them in their towns and cities.

The Dominion team wanted to bring more traffic to their physical location, so we added a Google Maps location listing to all ads shown within 40 kilometres of their building.

This gave the team more presence on the search engine results page, gave directions and a sense of physical space, and made their ads seem larger than those of their competitors.

26 Towns and Cities

6,000 Targeted Ads
18,000 Targeted Keywords
40 km
Edmonton Slice

Mobile Campaign

We also ran a specialized mobile campaign that encouraged visitors to call the Dominion Mortgage Team instead of filling out forms, which appear smaller on mobile devices.

Some people search in the middle of the night or don't have time to call during business hours, so we set up mobile-friendly landing pages. This made it a lot easier for smartphone users to reach Dominion at any time.

183% increase in calls over four months

Google Adwords

We wanted to see where the online leads were coming from, so we set up conversion tracking. This showed us which leads were coming from the ad buy and which leads were coming from people visiting the site on their own.

The results showed the Dominion Mortgage Team where their leads were coming from, which ads brought in the most leads, and which services were most popular.

We quickly discovered that a large percentage of the traffic was coming from our Google AdWords PPC campaign, which proved that the ads were effective.

Ran 5,911 total ads
Added 18,737 keywords
Increased online
conversions by
Resulting in 1,921 call button clicks

Because online ads are constantly changing due to visitor searches, an increase in competition, or Google announcing new services, we're constantly optimizing this account. That means adding new and negative keywords, revising ad copy, changing keyword bids, and anything else needed to make sure an ad is relevant to the visitor's search.

We don't just "set and forget" our online campaigns; we're monitoring every day to make sure the campaign is returning good results. This ongoing project is constantly expanding, and both Habit and the Dominion Mortgage Team are excited to see where it goes.

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