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Ember Archaeology

Welcome to Ember Archaeology

Now more than ever, archaeology is key to unearthing Canada’s history. It’s not all about dinosaur bones either. Rather it’s about uncovering local history and letting the stories of the past be told. Ember Archaeology (formerly Treetime Archaeology) came to Habit to establish a new brand that would allow them to tell their story, all while expanding their business into other industries.


Strategy, Branding, Brand Language, Web Design, Web Development, Writing

The Client

Ember Archaeology (formerly Tree Time Archaeology) offers archaeology and historic resources consulting services to a variety of industries and stakeholders. Although a large body of their clients are in the forest sector, they also have experience in oil and gas, municipal, transportation and mining projects. They are also industry leaders in data collection.

The Challenge

Habit’s opportunity was to create a brand unique to Ember Archaeology that represents their values, ethos and what they are passionate about while not removing them completely from Tree Time Services, while simultaneously highlighting their services and value to potential clients.

The Goal

Our goals were to create an engaging brand that represented the core of what they do. Ember understands and documents the past, enabling people to share stories, build stronger connections, and define their futures.

The Project

Our job was to create a brand for Tree Time Archaeology that showcases them as a capable provider; building trust, recognition and transparency in everything that they do.


Our first task was to create a name to replace “Tree Time Archaeology.” Many names were brainstormed, but one rose to the top — Ember Archaeology. The rationale behind this name is that in history, at the centre of every camp, there is a campfire. After the fire dies down, embers are left, a clue of what was there. “Tree Time Archaeology” uncovers these clues to Canada’s past. Ember also refers to burnt wood, a nod to Tree Time Archaeology’s original name, while still setting it apart. The word “Ember” is also found within the word “reMEMBER,” as this is at the core of what Ember does — remembering the past.

From the name, we began crafting a brand language using a voice and tone that got people interested in what archaeology means to the history of the lands around them. 


Three stylescapes (elevated moodboards) were developed around the chosen name, and three key brand attributes: passionate, authentic and expert. The stylescape chosen helped set the tone and vibe for the logo, collateral, as well as help guide further brand language.


A sleek business package and brochure was also created. The business card also doubled as an artifact measurement tool. 

Ember often does events in communities, so having a paper brochure option was a great fit for them. This was also provided to them in an easy emailable pdf.


A nature-inspired website was built from the ground up, with a focus on their extensive blog. We migrated their previous blog over to the site, as it is a huge resource for anyone with archaeology interest in Alberta and beyond!


We set out to create a beautiful brand and website for Ember Archaeology that would allow them to communicate their essence to current and future clients and staff members. Feedback so far has been fantastic—everybody is digging their new look.

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