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Valentine’s Day: 2018 Edition

We have a Valentine’s Day tradition here at Habit: we draw names out of a hat and create a personalized valentine for that person. In previous years we’ve filled out Mad Libs, written poems, and performed rap songs. This year, we opened it up to allow for a little more creativity.

We asked everyone to develop an identity for their valentine that represented that person in some way, then present it to the team in a three-minute pitch. There were no real parameters. People could choose any medium they wanted. And this year, Habiteers went all out. We hope you enjoy the results as much as we did.

Jeremy: Book Cover

Knowing that Jeremy likes to watch SpaceX launches, Tim designed a cover for his biography, Rockets Are Cool and So Am I, which is definitely in the works and not at all fake.

Maegan: 3 Reasons to Follow Her on Instagram

Jeremy went through Meg’s Instagram profile and found three trends: dogs, nature, and food. These seem like pretty great reasons to give her feed a follow.

Devan: Target Persona Profile

Meg did a deep dive of Devan’s time on the Internet (there’s a lot of it) and developed a target persona profile outlining her likes, interests, and other information.

Laura: Cheese Persona Profile

Devan talked to the good folks at Paddy’s International Cheese Market and found two cheeses that represent Laura. (The best part was that everyone else was allowed to eat them, too!)

Grace: Pinterest Mood Board

Laura built a mood board using pins that represent Grace’s interests, like writing, book designs, Shiba Inus, Harry Potter, and Riverdale. It was 150% accurate.

Mikaela: DnD Character Sheet

Because Mikaela loves Dungeons and Dragons (and RPGs are still fun even if you’re playing yourself), Grace created a character sheet that she can use in her next campaign.

Dawn: Custom Cupcakes

Dawn is a bright, energetic person from Saskatoon, so Mikaela baked saskatoonberry cupcakes filled with lemon curd to represent that. She even added pink frosting to represent the pink in Dawn’s hair.

Tim: Portrait

Dawn sketched a portrait of Tim that was so lifelike, even his four-year-old knew it was him. That’s how mad her design skills are.

Dan: Inside the Mind

Sarah did a series of sketches based on some of the greatest ideas ever to come out of Dan’s incredible brain. We’d like to draw your attention to the groundbreaking castle pants.

Jake: Look Book

Dan designed a book of fashion options to guide Jake’s style choices in 2018. In typical Dan fashion, it took a weird turn but ended on a high note.

Sarah: Logo Design

Sarah’s two favourite things in the whole world are 1) her dog Henry and 2) tacos. Jake combined them to create a fun logo that we need to see on a T-shirt.


Grace Struth

Grace is Habit’s writer, and she loves the challenge of finding just the right words to capture what a business is all about.

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