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Website Series (3/4): How to Write Content That Sells

Welcome to Part 3 of our four-part website series! Today we’re talking about writing content that encourages your visitors to take a particular action.

Content is the single biggest reason why people come to your website and buy into your message, which means it’s the most important consideration in the development process. A well-designed site might convince visitors to take a closer look, but they won’t look twice if the content isn’t useful and well organized.

The best content quickly tells visitors what your business does, what page they’re on, what to do next, and why they should choose your business over competitors. These answers need to be immediately apparent and backed by clear calls to action so the visitor understands what’s happening and what you’re asking them to do.


Even though the purpose of a corporate website is to provide information about your products and services, not everyone is ready to buy when they first hit your site. First they want to know what’s in it for them. You can answer this question with e-books, white papers, and educational content that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch but still encourages them to buy. This builds up confidence in your brand and opens the door for further conversation.


It’s great to have content, but it’s best to have quality content. Know your subject, make it interesting and relevant to your audience, update content frequently, and back it up with evidence like statistics, awards, and testimonials. Your content should also be well written without any spelling or grammatical errors, which can make you look unprofessional to readers with a critical eye.


Your audience has a very short attention span, which means you need to get their attention and hold it. The best way to do that is by simplifying your language as much as possible and making sure you’re easily understood. That means keeping your sentences reasonably short and avoiding corporate jargon wherever you can. Make it clear what you want visitors to do, and they’ll be much more likely to do it.


Content is more than just words. When you add different types of content, you turn your website into an interactive experience that draws the user in and gets them excited about your message. Images and infographics are excellent for breaking up long sections of copy, while video and audio clips are a great way to explain complex ideas in an interesting way. Variety is good, but be careful not to overwhelm your reader with too much or too many types of content!


Not all content is right for sharing on social media, but when it is, it can have a huge effect. When people “Like” or “Share” a post, page, or product, all their friends see it, too. If you regularly create content, include Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons so visitors can repost it. Spread your content far and wide to bring traffic back to your site and, like 77% of business-to-consumer companies, you’ll gain customers through social media.


A blog will bring traffic to your website, but only if you have the time, resources, and writing material to maintain it. It’s a great way to create more fresh content, which will help your SEO, and to establish your business as an industry leader. If you want to blog but don’t have the time or material to publish regular posts, your best option is to work with a good copywriter who understands your business.


Potential customers like to know that you’ve made other customers happy, too. Testimonials, reviews, and case studies are proven ways to show buyers that they can trust you and that you care about meeting their needs. That’s why you should ask customers for their feedback so you can add it to your site, build legitimacy around your product, and create trust in your company.


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