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Website Series (4/4): How to Convert Visitors into Customers

Welcome to the conclusion of our four-part website series! We’ll be wrapping up our discussion of good website practices by telling you the best ways to turn casual visitors into paying customers.

Ideally you don’t want people to leave your site until they know what to do next, whether that’s visiting your store, giving you a call, or leaving some personal information. That’s where these next tactics come in handy. With the right tools in place, you can form more customer relationships and ensure more product sales.

Landing Pages

A landing page typically provides visitors with more information about a particular product or service. Because it’s separate from your website’s main content, it encourages visitors to complete a transaction or leave their contact details without distracting them with the other information on your site. If you want visitors to take a certain action, though, you need to make it easy by telling them exactly what to do.

Calls to Action

A call to action tells the reader exactly what you want them to do. It should be clear, simple, and prominently placed so it draws the reader’s eye. It should offer something valuable to the reader, like a helpful document they should download or an email newsletter with special offers, and thank them afterwards for taking that action. Calls to action should also be tested often to make sure you’re getting the best possible results.


When you add a form to your landing page, visitors can contact you, sign up for an offer, subscribe to updates, or download an educational resource. Sometimes it’s hard to know how much information you should ask for. If you’re drowning in leads, think about adding more form fields. That way you can refine your leads a little bit further and give yourself the best possible chance of turning visitors into customers.

Research shows that conversion rates improve by 50% by reducing form fields from four to three, and optimal results happen with two or three fields. If you just can’t cut down your form that much, though, you’ll see the best results by only collecting information that you absolutely, positively need.

Email Newsletters

Given enough time and brand impressions, email newsletters are a great way to turn potential customers into paying ones. It’s a good idea to have a prominent newsletter sign-up area on your home page, as well as on any landing pages you use. By giving subscribers valuable information about new services, featured products, and company developments, you can keep your brand top of mind and keep people coming back to your website.


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