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A brand includes visuals, language, emotions, and everything else that you want people to think or feel about your organization. The best brands are backed by an idea or purpose. This philosophy extends into your actions and the way you communicate with your audiences.

When someone sees or interacts with your brand, they start to get an idea of what you represent. If your brand is presented consistently every time that audience interacts with you, they’ll be more likely to remember you. And if you leave a good impression, your audience will be more likely to interact with you again in the future.


How can we help?

Once you combine all the components below, you have a collection of sensory opportunities to connect with your audiences — and a consistent brand that’s accessible wherever people interact with it.

That said, not every brand needs the same treatment. We’ll help you decide where to start and what you need to bring your brand up to the same level as your organization.


Just as you recognize a person by their face, audiences recognize your organization by how it looks. We’ll work with you to build an identity with purpose and meaning. This includes logo development, look and feel, typography, colour choices, and any supporting graphics for your brand.

Illustration of a blue hand holding a green business card
Illustration of a red-and-white name tag saying "Hello my name is"


Your name is one of the first pieces of your brand that people interact with, and it can make or break your organization. Once we understand who you are and what you stand for, we’ll help you find a memorable name that makes your purpose clear to everyone else.


We’ll help you talk to your audiences in a way that they understand and connect with. This can include a combination of voice and tone, brand promise, taglines, and your mission, vision, and values. With this language in place, everyone on your team can consistently communicate what your brand stands for.


Wherever people have the opportunity to interact with your brand, we can make sure it’s there. This covers absolutely everything, from your website and social media pages to product packaging, trade show appearances, and the swag you give away at company events.

Why work with Habit?

Branding is one of the services we do best. We have a long track record of creating successful brands for organizations of every shape and size. No matter where you are, who you’re speaking to, or what you’re selling, your brand will be consistent across the board and recognizable at a glance.

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