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Marketing is all of the ways that you talk to current audiences and attract potential ones, both online and off. With the right message to the right audience in the right place at the right time, you can get the results you’re looking for.

How can we help?

Our marketing department is made up of marketing strategists who specialize in sharing your message to your current audiences and finding the best ways to attract new ones. We take a big-picture approach to marketing. Not only do we create memorable advertising campaigns that get results, but we also create a strategy that keeps you competitive and in demand.

Want to run a city-, province-, or nation-wide advertising campaign? Need an annual marketing strategy? Looking to connect with online audiences? Need a hand with your social media accounts? Whatever you’re looking for, our team is the team to do it.

Marketing Strategy

Your strategy guides your marketing efforts and sets you up for success. We can develop everything from targeted strategies for specific platforms to large-scale strategies for your ongoing marketing, including the best tactics to use.

Illustration of a marker and a whiteboard showing strategic moves, as in football

Advertising Campaigns

We can run short- and long-term ad campaigns using everything from billboards and print ads to social media and search engines. We can combine these with your website to create a fully integrated campaign and track results.

Content Marketing

Content takes many forms, from emails and blog posts to videos and e-books. We can help you share your message with the world in a format that will reach your audiences and drive them to take action.

Social Media

Social media puts a friendly face on your brand and opens you up to two-way conversations. We can help you do that by training you to use your platforms and developing strategies for your long-term posting activities.

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Why work with Habit?

We believe in strategy, and we don’t start a campaign without one. After all, we can only get you to your destination if we know where you want to go and how to get there. We also dig deep to understand your audiences so we know what they need and how to craft a message that connects with them.

With these building blocks in place — and a team of marketing experts on your side — you can do just about anything.

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