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Why We Killed Our Accounts Team

Up until about six months ago, we were like any other Mad Men–era agency. We had a Creative team to handle design and content. We had a Marketing team to plan and run campaigns. We had a Web + Engineering team to build websites and apps, which we guess didn’t actually exist in the ’50s. And we had an Accounts team to keep our projects in line and balls in the air.

This was the way we’d always done it — the way the industry had always done it — so it was a surprise when we realized we could do it even better. Along with brands, websites, and campaigns, we also like building relationships. We realized we could build even stronger relationships if our clients talked to the people who were actually doing the work.

So we turned our Accounts team into the Marketing team. We realized every single person on that team had the most marketing experience out of everyone in the office. They were already doing all the heavy lifting on strategy and media bookings. By redistributing the responsibilities of account and project management to the rest of our team, we gave our strategic brains more time to spend on doing what they do best.


Now the projects belong to the people working on them. We assign leads to projects based on the type of work we’re doing. If we’re designing a logo, you’ll talk to the designer who’s working on it. If we’re editing a document, you’ll talk to the copywriter. If we’re building a website, you’ll talk to the developer who’s writing the code. If we’re building a campaign… that’s when you’ll talk to our former Accounts team, and they’ll blow you away with their knowledge.

But this isn’t just great for us: it’s also great for our clients. By talking directly to the person who’s working on their project day to day, the client can ask questions, benefit from their specialized experience, and get better results. And by cutting down on extra processes we don’t need, we can quote less and ensure the same great results for better value.

We’re unconventional, which means doing things no one else does. We see that as a challenge to constantly make things better. We don’t do things just because that’s how they’ve always been done. Instead we try new things and explore new ways to show the world what our clients can do for them. Whatever we do, whatever our internal teams and processes look like, that’s a habit we’ll never break.


Grace Struth

Grace is Habit’s writer, and she loves the challenge of finding just the right words to capture what a business is all about.

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