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Environmental Design

Environmental graphic design (often called EGD) is where communications, branding, and environment come together to make an impression on people while they’re exploring a space.

EGD uses graphic, digital,  architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design disciplines to share information and shape experiences that connect people to place. People need to efficiently go from point A to point B, but successful design comes from what they experience along the way.



How can we help?

Giving people a sense of place gives them confidence in your brand. We can help shape experiences that orient, inform, educate, and delight users of all kinds—and experiences that meet your needs, too. And because we can handle the entire project for you, you can rest easy throughout the entire project, knowing that it’s in good hands.


We can talk about your needs and review the environment to see how it’s used by people of all types, from first-time visitors to people who are there every day. From there, we can develop a strategy that outlines how the system should look and function.


We can design a creative concept that reflects your brand and connects with your audiences. We can also use this design to map out signage placement at major decision-making points, then apply the concept to signage for the entire system.


Wayfinding systems work best when each piece is created consistently. We understand the science and the art of wayfinding, and we can use that knowledge to develop guidelines that will help you design, manufacture, and place future signs within your system.


A wayfinding system can include a wide range of signs in various locations. We understand the installation process from start to finish, including materials, processes, coding, and permitting. Working with our trusted partners, we can create an end result that meets your needs and grows with you over time.


Environments change over time as tenants move and layouts change, and systems can wear down or become inaccurate over time. We can provide long-term maintenance and updates to keep your system looking and performing just as well as the day it was installed.

Why work with Habit?

We have 30 years of experience in environmental graphic design. And we use that experience to create custom designs and directional systems that guide people through spaces without a second thought. We can help you create transformative branded experiences and journeys that connect your story with your audience in a meaningful way.

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