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Environmental Design

Environmental graphic design is where communications, branding, and environment come together to create an impression on people while they’re walking through a space. It includes wayfinding systems, architectural signage, modular signage and sign programs, exhibit design, retail design, and themed or branded spaces. It’s also something you can’t afford to ignore.


How can we help?

Giving people a sense of place gives them confidence in your business. We can help shape experiences that orient, inform, educate, and delight users.

Starting with an audit of your space’s environmental design or wayfinding system, we can develop a strategy to improve the user experience. This translates into user-driven design and a set of guidelines to help you implement the entire system. If you need it, we can also consult on and recommend options for manufacturing and installation.


Wayfinding tells people where they are in a space and how to get to their destination. We can help your audiences quickly navigate your parkade, building, or event and find what they’re looking for in a way that supports your brand.


Signage communicates a message to a specific group, usually to identify a location or to direct people within an environment. We know the best design options to use for your specific application and can help you consistently produce and place them.

Branded Spaces

Environmental graphic design connects your brand with the people who move through your space. By applying your brand identity to all four walls and beyond, we can help you leave a long-lasting impression on your visitors.

Exhibit Design

We can help you make the most of trade shows with an eye-catching booth design and supporting assets to set you apart from competitors. Whether you need something quick and portable or an entire large-scale exhibit design, we can do it.

(Interested in learning more about event strategy? We wrote a blog post about it.)

Why work with Habit?

We have 30 years of experience in environmental graphic design. And we use that experience to create custom designs and directional systems that guide people through spaces without a second thought. We can help you create transformative branded experiences and journeys that connect your story with your audience in a meaningful way.

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