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Video Development

Video is one of the best forms of content marketing. It’s attention grabbing, easily shareable, and far easier to remember than any other medium. When your audience sees a dynamic, moving video, they’re more likely to stop, watch it, engage with you, and share it with their network.

How can we help?

Our videographer, writer, designers, and marketing specialists can work with you through every stage of development. We have our own recording equipment, as well as connections to voiceover artists, and can handle all the logistics that come with creating a compelling video.


We can create the video’s narrative, write the script, create storyboards, compile precise shot lists, and plan out how the project will run from start to finish.

Stacked illustrations of a video script, storyboard, and video view screen
Illustration of a drone with a white body, blue propellers, and a red camera


We can travel to any location, local or remote, and get the audiovisual footage you need to support the concept.


We’ll use the gathered footage to build a story and create a compelling video. This includes any video editing, animation, stock music, and voiceover you might need, as well as outputting to digital file format.

Posting + Promotion

We can optimize your video for YouTube, Vimeo, and social media with the right title, description, and tags. We can also help you promote the video on different digital channels to get your message out.

Why work with Habit?

We’ve been doing video since we set up shop in 2003. During that time, we’ve developed videos for organizations of every size in a wide range of industries. Whether we’re capturing event footage or putting together a broadcast or digital ad, we always make sure we nail the story that you’re looking to share with your audience.

Tell your story.

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